If We Knew is the third release from Kerry Wallace.





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If We Knew is the third release from Kerry Wallace. The mix of country, Western, and folk music on the album has already earned it multiple AWA award nominations.

“I see darkness slipping in, on a back porch quiet and dim.” – Kerry Wallace

(RIVERTON, WYOMING, U.S.A.) JANUARY 5th, 2017 – Kerry Wallace’s latest album, If We Knew, was born out of one tiny, remote place where Western, country and folk music are served fresh with an honest, artistic authenticity. That place is Wallace’s back porch. Through her songwriting and storytelling, Kerry has the rare gift of teleporting her listeners through time and space on a genuine journey through her inimitable brand of artistry. Now, with her third full-length release since 2013, Kerry Wallace fans are getting to know If We Knew.

If We Knew, is a thirteen-track trek through originals penned by Wallace, several cover songs and also two gorgeous duets. The project had already earned numerous award nominations before it began production. Wallace was nominated a second straight year for multiple awards from the Academy of Western Artists, and she is fresh off of a trip to Nashville in September to attend the Josie Music Awards. She explains the project’s evolution, “I started singing my latest material at live shows and was surprised when the singles gleaned nominations before their release. The fans wanted a new album earlier than I had planned.”

The first single due for release off If We Knew is “The Ballad of Bertie Brown.” The song is a ditty with deep meaning intertwined with an inherent “Old West Wisdom.” “The Ballad of Bertie Brown” stands as a perfect example of what Wallace “cooks up” musically on her rural Wyoming homestead. “So much of life happens here right on my back porch! Smelling the rain, the sunshine, watching stars, or cleaning my work boots.” In the folk/country title track, “If We Knew” Kerry displays her masterful ability to pen mood into melody. The song emanates a soothing simplicity and her trademark potpourri of genres.

Several other singles are planned to release from If We Knew, such as the gorgeous Johnny Cash cover, “There You Go” – a duet she performed with talented country vocalist, Richard Lynch. The authenticity of Wallace’s style, melody and musings are alive in well in her latest offering. She is a country artist that has lived the life, a rarity in musicians and songs and songwriters coming out of Music City, U.S.A. Over the past three years, Kerry has made quite a mark for herself. If you’ve never heard of Kerry Wallace, it’s time you got to know If We Knew.


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