Kerry Wallace will be on Spin Charts Radio

Kerry Wallace will be on Spin Charts Radio August 22nd, 2015 beginning 12 PM PST. Tune in as Kerry gives us the Heart Felt Story behind her Hit Songs “Old Picture Show and Winter Left a Rose” during the mid hour

Kerry’s musical identity began within her family – which remains as central today in her music as it was for her in her youth. Her mother was a pianist; her father played guitar. With musical siblings, the muses were alive and well within the walls of the Wallace home. Immersed with the sound of folk and country coming from the radio, classical from her mom’s piano, and the almost nightly live family jams (that even grandpa would join!), Kerry had fertile ground to grow musically.

You can tune in at or you can find Stenner Pro-ductions Spin Chats Radio Using the Tune-In App.

Will Stenner

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